The War on the Dictionary

The liberals declared war on the dictionary many years ago and the war continues unabated.

It first started with redefining contraception to mean abortion. (For those of you confused as to why they aren’t the same, contraception PREVENTS conception. Abortion can ONLY occur after conception has occurred.)

They then moved on to marriage to define it as any two people regardless of sex (the revisions for number of participants, age and species are forthcoming).

Hate was next. It was redefined to simply disagreeing and thinking that someone was doing something wrong.  (This one is particularly amusing because in accusing us of their definition of hate, they themselves engage in it since they are implicitly saying that we are doing something wrong.  But the self-defeating nature of the redefinition eludes them.)

It’s opposite number, tolerance, was similarly redefined from putting up with behavior to requiring approval of the behavior.

The latest casualty in the War on the Dictionary is Continue reading


Breaking: Democrats think single women are ignorant

Today (7/6/2014), on Fox News Sunday, Mara Liasson stated that Democrats have to make the Hobby Lobby case about contraception and not religious freedom in order to get their base excited to vote in November and cited stats indicating that while married women voted for Romney in the last Presidential election more single women voted for President Obama (in large part due to the contrived ‘War on women’)

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The ridiculous notion that ‘income inequality’ is a bad thing

PresidentObamaThe President and his minions have seized on the new dog whistle ‘income inequality’.  They are using the phrase to justify further theft and re-distribution.

Any thinking person would recognize that the concept of ‘income equality’ in a free society is the equivalent of drawing a square circle.  It is simply not possible.

The only way income can be made equal is through force that dictates that everyone receives the same amount regardless of their efforts, talents or contributions.

Despite the best wishes of progressives, people ARE NOT equal.  Continue reading

Fascism: Tool of the Left

Fascism is a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. [1]

It’s pretty common in American politics to imply that those on the American right are fascists. And it’s wrong and based on a false premise and a mis-understanding of the differences between the European right/left and the American right/left.

The problem is Continue reading