Stop. Just stop.

I frequently come across comments on news articles that go something like this:

Commenter 1: The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is wrong.

Commenter 2: (In response to Commenter 1) But you eat shellfish don’t you?!?! You hypocrrrrrriiiiiitttttteeeee!!!!!

For the pathetically uninformed who try to pass this off as a legitimate argument (and no doubt consider themselves intellectually superior for pulling it out), let me explain why you’re wrong.

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Homosexuality: What’s the big deal?

There is a palpable shift in the American mindset regarding homosexuality.  Every day that passes, homosexuality becomes more accepted as normal and morally neutral behavior and those that disagree are openly mocked, derided and accused of bigotry.  In this regard, Christians are fighting a losing battle.  Short of a miraculous revival, American society (and indeed all Western cultures) will continue to down this path.

So given that it is a losing battle, why do Christians insist on decrying homosexual behavior?  Is it, as society tends to accuse, that they just ‘hate’ people who engage in homosexual behavior?  Or is it something else?

And why is homosexuality a bigger deal than say, lying, stealing, murder or any of the other sins defined in the Bible?

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