The War on the Dictionary

The liberals declared war on the dictionary many years ago and the war continues unabated.

It first started with redefining contraception to mean abortion. (For those of you confused as to why they aren’t the same, contraception PREVENTS conception. Abortion can ONLY occur after conception has occurred.)

They then moved on to marriage to define it as any two people regardless of sex (the revisions for number of participants, age and species are forthcoming).

Hate was next. It was redefined to simply disagreeing and thinking that someone was doing something wrong.  (This one is particularly amusing because in accusing us of their definition of hate, they themselves engage in it since they are implicitly saying that we are doing something wrong.  But the self-defeating nature of the redefinition eludes them.)

It’s opposite number, tolerance, was similarly redefined from putting up with behavior to requiring approval of the behavior.

The latest casualty in the War on the Dictionary is illegal. According to Sally Kohn, the word illegal should be treated the same as the N-word. Nevermind that we as a society decided to have laws that dictate how immigrants are to enter the country. We can’t allow people in violation of the law to be referred to as illegal even though that is what they are.

The reason liberals have such a problem with the dictionary is because the truth is that they have a problem with reality. They are not happy that the reality is that abortion is murder, that homosexual activity is morally wrong and that people who break into a country are there illegally. But hey, as long as they get to do whatever they want and never have to recognize something they do might be *gasp* immoral and wrong, they will happily continue waging war on the dictionary to justify their behavior.

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