Breaking: Democrats think single women are ignorant

Today (7/6/2014), on Fox News Sunday, Mara Liasson stated that Democrats have to make the Hobby Lobby case about contraception and not religious freedom in order to get their base excited to vote in November and cited stats indicating that while married women voted for Romney in the last Presidential election more single women voted for President Obama (in large part due to the contrived ‘War on women’)

Here’s the facts:

Out of the 20 Food and Drug Administration-approved birth control methods, the two companies involved in the case—Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood—object to four: two kinds of emergency contraceptive or “morning after” pills, and two types of intrauterine devices, or IUDs.[1]

16 out of 20.  Hobby Lobby approves of 16 out of 20 contraceptives in their health care plan.

So to say that the ruling will prevent Hobby Lobby’s employees access to contraceptives and to make the case about contraception is patently false and the left knows it.  The fact is Hobby Lobby’s employees will continue to have access to contraception as they have always had.

But the Democrats are apparently relying on their perceived ignorance of single women to help them carry the day.

Are they correct in their assessment that single women are ignorant?  Time will tell.  If Mara Liasson’s stats are accurate, then they may have a point.  I just hope they’re wrong.

(If this article offends you as a single woman, take it up with the Democrats.  They’re the ones that think that you are stupid enough to vote for them over the fake issue.)



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