The ridiculous notion that ‘income inequality’ is a bad thing

PresidentObamaThe President and his minions have seized on the new dog whistle ‘income inequality’.  They are using the phrase to justify further theft and re-distribution.

Any thinking person would recognize that the concept of ‘income equality’ in a free society is the equivalent of drawing a square circle.  It is simply not possible.

The only way income can be made equal is through force that dictates that everyone receives the same amount regardless of their efforts, talents or contributions.

Despite the best wishes of progressives, people ARE NOT equal.  Everyone is different and unique.  Everyone has varying levels of intelligence, strength and talents and your income is a function of those things applied over time and by necessity, it produces different results depending on the individual and the amount of effort they exert.

So while God treats everyone equally and the government should treat everyone equally under the law so that we have ‘opportunity equality’, we will never (short of government interference) have ‘income equality’ because we are in fact, not equal.

And we should be thankful for ‘income inequality’ as long as we have ‘opportunity equality’ because that means that everyone, black, white, yellow, purple, male, female, everyone, has the opportunity to better their income whether it’s because they have a unique skill, tremendous intelligence or just a willingness to work hard.  Without the motivating factor of being able to improve your income, we would cease seeing people find their unique talents and excel in them.  If everyone gets the same amount, regardless of their effort, what’s the point?  (Which is precisely what kept the colony at Jamestown in dire straits until Sir Thomas Dale removed the communal restrictions and allowed the colonists to work for themselves.)

The President apparently has a low view of people with lower incomes since he seems to think that the only way they can increase their income is by stealing it from others and giving it to them.  He doesn’t attempt to achieve equality by lifting up and inspiring.  He does it by tearing down.  And he is not only attempting rob from those who have achieved but he is also robbing the motivation of those who have the potential to excel as all of us do.

Income inequality drives individuals and societies and it should be celebrated.


5 thoughts on “The ridiculous notion that ‘income inequality’ is a bad thing

  1. I truly enjoy your viewpoint but I have to mention that you should be looking deeper than the President. Do you know that I questioned just 4 people today to explain the function of the Federal Reserve and how it came to be. Nobody could answer me. This make 10 people already this week that have no idea where our money comes from.

    • For starters I really think you should go to YouTube and watch “The Obama Deception Full Length”. This will show you the bigger picture about our gov and all classes below the privileged 2% of this country. It will start to make you see outside just the little man at the podium we all see on TV blabbing away. Second, you should start educating yourself on what the Fed really is and what their true purpose is for this country. Realize that this country was once very prosperous with a much stronger middle class before this disaster of the Fed. Once you start to realize that Obama, Dems and Repubs are just a poison for us to pick to keep the wool over our eyes, your concerns of “income inequality” will seem so minute to you that it will make your head spin… After that we can talk further in how to change it all…

    • Yes! Please watch ASAP “The Obama Deception Full Length” on YouTube. Please also study and understand the Fed immediately. Watch “Jekyll Island Full Length” as well.

  2. You appear not to understand how the term is being applied, what the context is. Of course there are differences between the top and the bottom. However, as a social dynamic, when there’s too much distance between the top and the bottom it destabilizes the whole economic system, and makes political upheaval more likely. The balancing force in a Democracy is having a large, stable Middle Class. Our middle class has been shrinking for decades.

    You also pointed out another part of the problem, perhaps unintentionally. Those at the bottom do not have equal opportunity, nor do those in the middle, for upward mobility. No matter what educational qualification they achieve, middle-class students have to assume too much debt to be able to repay it with anything less than a top tier income. That’s an unrealistic expectation. We can’t sustain 200 thousand Warren Buffets. Only the already rich can afford what it takes for most to become rich. There are too many advantages and tax perks built into the top.

    So forget about the assumption that anyone is talking about everyone getting the same amount. No one’s saying that. People just need a fairer shot at improving their lives through innovation and perseverance than they have now.

  3. You both need to really watch the Obama deception and Jekyll island immediately. You will both realize that this country is controlled manipulated by debt and capitalism. If you can both tell me what The Fed actually does and explain The Fed in lay men’s terms we can move past this smalltalk and take it to the next level.

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