The #1 Misconception about God and heaven

Scales of JusticeSo you get to heaven and there’s a big scale. And they take all the good stuff you’ve done and put that on one side and then take all the bad stuff you’ve done and put that on the other side and if you were good enough, your good stuff will outweigh your bad stuff and you will get to go to heaven.

I mean if you are pretty good, you’re in so you just need to make sure you do a few more good things, just to be safe.

That’s how it works, right?

No, that’s not how it works. And it doesn’t work that way because being barely good enough, being really good or being almost perfect is not good enough for God. God’s standard is perfection. He will settle for nothing less than absolute perfection in heaven. If you are perfect, you are in. If you are not, you’re not.

Who can be perfect???? Nobody can do that.

Well, nobody except Jesus.

Great. “How does that help me?”, you ask. Well, Jesus’ death and resurrection paid the price that God’s justice demands for your sins. And because of it, recognizing that you will never be good enough to get in, by repenting of your sin and placing your faith in Jesus, God looks at you as if you were Jesus, that you had never sinned just like He looked at Jesus while He was on the cross and saw all of our sin.

So, instead of thinking of a big scale in heaven, think of a big vat of water and your good works are the water and your sin is anthrax. No matter how little anthrax is in the vat or how much more water you add to it, it will never be pure again and will always be contaminated. That is what your sin does to you and no amount of good works can make up for it. Only Jesus can. Only Jesus.


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